How do you get paid if you buy our media for free?

We get a commission from different forms of media (cable, radio, digital, etc.) based on the dollars scheduled. We DO NOT bill you a retainer, there is no hidden fee and you have nothing out of pocket. Whatever your budget is, is what gets purchased for advertising time. Some schedules might be required to be pre-pay such as events, political or related schedules, but otherwise you pay us, then we pay them.

Can you work with international clients?

Yes, and we have in the past.

Can you take drone footage and email to us or post to our website?

We have a 4k drone + camera and for a small fee we can absolutely do that.

How long does it take to build a website and what is the average cost?

Depending upon your needs, we can usually come in under budget and exceed your expectations. We've heard that our cost is roughly 60% of a well known website development company here in Iowa. Did we raise our price? No. We are value for money.

Are you able to put together a Google Adwords campaign?

Yes, we are and have great examples of very successful ones.

Do you work with multiple franchises for one business throughout the country?

Yes we can, and have done so with several clients.

We need help with domain name strategy and acquiring a few names we are interested in, can you help?

Yes, we can and we have over 20 years of experience with domain name acquisition. We can even help come up with some idea's to add to your portfolio.

We have an annual community event but nobody on our committee has marketing experience. Though not a consistent client would this be something you have experience planning and might consider taking on?

Yes, and we have done numerous community events for almost twenty years.

Our previous agency did things we didn't agree with and were hard to get a hold of how are you different?

We take pride in working together as a team and make ourselves available 24/7. If you'd like redacted examples of our quality of service in response time and task execution time, let us know. We're very proud of our service!

Press releases are where we struggle. Do you have a writer on your team that could help us get our message out?

Yes, we do!

Do you make your clients sign contracts?

Sometimes contracts are necessary and sometimes the different forms of media require us to do so as well for example if wanting to purchase an annual television buy. Contracts for the most part are used to protect both sides and each of our interests. Another example would be a non-compete which is our guarantee we will only work with you and not with your direct competition.